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Themed Attractions

Pangea Rocks has an established track record in the design and construction of custom-built sculptures, features, and thematic backgrounds in amusement parks and other exhibits around the world.
Our talented artists are dedicated to creating authentic features like rocks, icebergs, artificial trees, ancient temples, dripstone caves, pirate ships, animal sculptures from life-sized to giant, and interactive play areas.
Let us help you create the themed attraction of your dreams.

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Our Company Values

We build highly naturalistic Themed attractions

With a reputation for the highest standard and attention to detail, Pangea’s work can be seen in many international zoos, aquariums, theme-parks, museums and entertainments centres.

Our staff of more than 25 outstanding designers, artists, and construction technicians have many years of international experience in the field of artificial rockwork and replication of other natural aquatic and land features.