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Pangea Rocks is the leading designer and supplier of artificial rockwork for public and private aquarium habitats in Europe and the top supplier of large cylindrical tank decorations in the world.
We pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and quality and in the service we bring in our approach to every project. Pangea Rocks is the leading supplier of artificial corals and kelp for marine and freshwater aquariums in the world with more than a thousand different items in our catalogue. Please visit the “Contact Us” page to request more information on aquarium exhibits.

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Our Company Values

We build highly naturalistic artificial corals and detailed artificial kelp


Pangea Rocks is proud to present our range of highly detailed artificial corals. Our replica corals are cast from real corals using moulding materials that feature the highest degree of detail and texture in the industry.


Pangea manufactures a wide collection of detailed artificial kelp including Laminaria, Dentigera, Bull kelp and Sea palms. The laminaria is available in an extra durable version for seal and sea lion tanks.