We offer different range of products and solutions


Pangea Rocks is proud to present our range of highly naturalistic artificial corals. Our replica corals are cast from real corals using moulding materials that feature the highest degree of detail and texture, in the indrusty. They are individually cast in non-toxic polyurethane elastomer which is dense, but retains flexibility so that unlike rigid resin corals they will not break or fracture when brushed by divers or sharks. The coloration is integral to the material and is not applied to the surface only and as such retain their colour-fast qualities for many years. Pangea corals feature a patented fixing system based on a nylon peg which is drilled and secured into the base reefwork but allows the coral to be easily removed at a later date for cleaning​


Pangea manufactures a wide collection of detailed artificial kelp including Laminaria, Dentigera, Bull kelp and Sea palms. The laminaria is available in an extra durable version for seal and sea lion tanks. But we advise that is is best to make a small test install before instaling a full scale installment, to test the reactions on the animals. ​Complementing the range are several species of marine grasses including, eel, turtle surf and shoelace grass.​ many of our kelp types comes with different kinds of base, for installing on rocks, in sand or finaly with a suction cup but please contact us if you have any special requirements or contacts us for further info.


Pangea's stainless steel zoo mesh is an extremely strong containment netting suitable for smaller mammals, primates and large birds. Individual mesh knots are double fastened and the netting does not have to be installed under tension. Pangea Zoo mesh is available in sizes from 25 x 25mm (1" x 1") to 125 x 125mm (5" x 5").​ In wire from 0.7mm to 3.1mm (1/32 to 1/8) in stainless steel. The hand woven netting is manufactured in 7 x 7 type 304 stainless steel to your requirements.​